Our goal is to give our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members all of the benefits of a traditional CSA and none of the drawbacks.  Here are the details that set us apart from a typical CSA:

  1. You decide what dollar amount you would like to invest, anywhere from the $250 minimum on up. “Early sign up” (pay by Feb. 15) offers 10% additional product for each dollar invested.  (If you invest $300, you will get $330 worth of product; if you invest $500, you will get $550 worth of product, etc.).  “Regular sign up” (pay by April 15) would offer 5% additional product.
  2. You shop at the farm stand at 224 Detweiler Road, Sellersville, PA, and buy exactly what you want, when you want it. At the time of purchase, all you need to do is to write your name on a slip of paper along with the amount to debit from your pre-paid account. We will give you a monthly balance showing what amount of $ is left in your account.  We ask that you also track your purchases in case there are questions at any time.
  3. Products would include all of our vegetables, herbs, eggs and flowers.
  4. If you do not spend all of your invested money during the season, we could carry that balance forward into the next year for you.
  5. If during the season you spend all of your balance, you may put in additional money but without the 5% or 10% bonus.
  6. We plan on having an extended growing season in both spring and fall as we continue to experiment with growing in our high tunnels, so there should be an expanded season for our products being available to you. We expect to be open from early May to end of December.
  7. We would like to encourage interested people to volunteer with us at the farm doing things like transplanting, harvesting, weeding, etc. Please let us know if that’s something you would enjoy doing.   If you would be interested in doing a work share (working at the farm in lieu of paying for a share) we could work out farm stand credit for time spent if that suits you.  Also for any 2018 CSA member of ours who refers a new 2019 CSA member to us, we will offer a $25 “referral reward” for your help in building our business.

BACKGROUND:  CSA stands for “community supported agriculture,” and it generally involves buying a share (paying the farmer a set amount of money) early in the spring so that the farmer then has the capital to buy seeds, equipment, etc. for the upcoming growing season.  In return, the CSA member is given a portion of the harvest that season, generally in the form of a weekly box or bag of produce.  This committed group of shareholders provides the stability to the farmer to know that there will be a market for the goods that are grown.  Typically the shareholders/members are obligated to get a portion of whatever the farmer grows, whether they like it or not.  There is also the expectation that everyone will get their share each week, regardless of vacation schedules.

What we are trying to do is to blend the best of both worlds, for both the farmer and the member.  Since we already have a farm stand at a relatively convenient location, we feel we can offer a flexible model that works just as well for our needs as it does for our shareholders.

OUR PHILOSOPHY:  At Detweiler Homestead Farm we strive to grow food in such a way that benefits the soil, Earth and the people who eat our food.  We do not use pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer inputs that are not approved for organic farms.  We hope that people can be more connected to their food and how it is grown, and know the farmers who grow it.  We realize that where you decide to spend your food dollars is actually “casting a vote” for the farming practices and type of food system you support.


Send your check made payable to Detweiler Homestead Farm to:

Julie Gotwals / 827 Rising Sun Road / Telford, PA  18969

Please make sure to include your cell number and email address either on the check or on a separate note so that we can contact you if the need ever arises.

Thanks so very much for your support!

Julie Detweiler Gotwals, Brent Gotwals, and Dwight Alderfer