Farm History

Written by Julie Detweiler Gotwals

Detweiler Homestead Farm is a picturesque Bucks County farm that has been in our family since 1903 when my great-grandparents, Mahlon and Malinda Detweiler, bought it from Noah and Susanna Derstine.  Prior to 1903, the farm had been owned by several generations of the Derstine family.

1790-1825  Isaac and Mary (Ruth) Derstine

1825-1874  Jacob and Elisabeth (Gehman) Derstine

(Jacob was a nephew of Isaac Derstine)

1874-1903  Noah and Susanna ( Bergey) Derstine

(Noah was a son of Jacob and Elisabeth Derstine)

1903-1925  Mahlon D. and Malinda (Alderfer) Detweiler

(Mahlon was a nephew of Noah/Susanna)

1925-1928  Mahlon A. and Hannah Detweiler and Norman and Sallie (Moyer) Detweiler

(Mahlon and Norman were sons of Mahlon/Malinda)

1928-1973  Norman and Sallie (Moyer) Detweiler

1973-2006  Russell and Evelyn (Bergey) Detweiler

(Russell was a son of Norman/Sallie Detweiler)

2006-present   Jim and Yvonne Detweiler and Julie (Detweiler) and Brent Gotwals

(Jim and Julie are son and daughter of Russ and Evelyn Detweiler)